IEP-HOPE, Inc. is an advocacy service for parents/caregivers/others of children who have an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) or 504 plan. 


But, more importantly, the majority of us are parents, caregivers, relatives, or friends of a child with special needs.  We're familiar with the process, we've cried through the struggles, we've celebrated the successes, we've educated ourselves on the rights of our children, and we've formed our own little community with "parents like us" for support, understanding and problem-solving. 


The time constraints and responsibilities for a parent/caregiver of a special needs child can sometimes be overwhelming.  Just having someone say, "I know how you feel", "I've been through that, too", "My child does that, and this is what helped...", or "What can I do to help?" can make a world of difference in helping us continue putting one foot in front of the other.  

IEP-HOPE is committed to helping you navigate through the IEP/504 process.  We offer support, training, education, and resources to assist you in advocating for your child with disabilities.  After all... most of us have "been there".

We're currently recruiting Advocacy Volunteers for our IEP/504 Advocacy Training Program.  These AVs will play a crucial role in our organization by helping to provide a much needed service to familles of the special needs community in Indiana.  

It is our forward vision to gradually expand our service area as our pool of trained AVs grows.  We carefully vet and intensely train our volunteers to offer the advocacy service you and your child deserve.

We are also excited to announce the recent expansion of our services.  In light of the number of students beginning to transition out of the public school setting, we have added some fee-based services and programs to assist in that process as well as to offer resources for some much needed introductory skill-based programs that are essential for children to build on as they grow.

"All kids need is a little help, a little hope and somebody who believes in them."

"All kids need is a little help, a lttle hope and somebody who believes in them" quote by Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson


IEP-Hope is dedicated to assisting families, caregivers and others in advocating and obtaining services for children with disabilities (from pre-school age to transitioning adulthood) by offering training, education, resources, and support during the IEP/504 process.


IEP-Hope recognizes the lack of IEP/504 advocacy services in the special needs community and is committed to making a difference in the lives of children with disabilities.



  • We do listen to you and your concerns

  • We do want you to feel heard

  • We do want you to feel confident and empowered

  • We do want you to know you're not alone

  • We do educate on how to advocate

  • We do offer free advocate training for volunteers

  • We do offer support and advocacy at CCs, if requested

  • We do want you to have HOPE



Our Vision is to offer support to parents, caregivers and children with disabilities throughout the IEP/504 process by educating them on their State and Federal rights, accompanying them to case conferences, encouraging self-advocacy, assisting them in locating additional resources for services, support and dispute resolution, recruiting and training volunteers to assist in achieving positive results, and creating a mutually respected and forward-looking case management team. 


It is our HOPE  that by creating more informed, confident and supported IEP/504 advocates for the special needs community, it can potentially assist in decreasing the School to Prison Pipeline statistics and increase the successes of children with disabilities throughout the State of Indiana. 


  • We don't discriminate!

  • We don't charge a fee for our services

  • We don't judge

  • We don't tolerate retaliation

  • We don't offer legal advice (but we can offer resources who do)

  • We don't stop searching for solutions


throughout the State of Indiana