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Laura Swanson is the absolute BEST!  


After years of frustration over my kids always getting in trouble for being put in situations they didn't know how to handle and being bullied in school instead of receiving the positive educational experience they deserved, I was referred to Laura by one of our service providers.  


Laura immediately began educating me on our rights, pointing out deficiencies in their IEPs, and offering suggestions that would help to improve their school experience.  I always assumed that their IEPs were being followed and trusted that school personnel would do what was best for them, but I began to realize that unfortunately that's not always the case.


It was amazing to see how my concerns and suggestions were taken more seriously at case conferences when Laura attended them with me.  

I have become a much more effective advocate for my kids since Laura came into our lives- and I'm positive there are hundreds of others who feel the same way.  


Please don't ever stop what you're doing Laura- it really DOES make a difference!

Lynn D.


Rating:  5 Stars

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