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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question that you couldn't find an answer for? 

Chances are someone else has that same question, too.  Feel free to ask us and we'll do our best to answer it for you!

What are homebound services?

Article 7, Rule 32, Sec. 45 defines homebound services as: "Homebound instruction" means instruction provided by a licensed teacher to students, in accordance with 511 IAC 7-42-11 and 511 IAC 7-42-12, including students without disabilities, who are unable to attend school. Homebound instruction may be provided: (1) at: (A) a student's home; (B) a hospital; or (C) another site; and (2) in person or by any other technology systems.  


In other words, it's simply providing one-on-one education by a licensed teacher outside of a school setting for students who are unable to attend school for one reason or another.

My daughter has ADHD and has a hard time staying in her desk for long periods of time.  Sometimes her teacher will punish her by not letting her go out for recess with the other kids.  I've tried talking to her teacher, but she doesn't seem to understand that my daughter needs to have an outlet to burn off energy.  Is there anything else I can do?

Absolutely!  If she already has an IEP or 504, you can definitely request a CC and ask that recess not be used as a punishment. There are other options that can be used- like adults, children need an outlet to re-focus and re-charge.  You could ask for short breaks for her throughout the day- to use the restroom, to go to the water fountain to fill up her water bottle, or "do a pretend errand" for the teacher- like stacking some books on the classroom bookshelf, passing out papers, or taking a note to the teacher next door- something that will give her permission to be out of her seat, without embarassing her in front of her other classmates.


How can I be a Volunteer Advocate?  How long is the training and is it in person?  

Once a Volunteer Advocate Interest Form is received and reviewed, you will be e-mailed a Volunteer Advocate Application.  If that application is approved, you'll be notified of the next available training session.  Our Volunteer Advocate training program is once a week for 6 weeks.  The first and sixth sessions are in-person and the 2nd through 5th sessions are virtual.  There is a lot of information to go over and learn concerning Article 7, IDEA, ADA, State and Federal laws, as well as IEP/504 procedures, the documentation process, etc. so it's very important that our VAs are able to commit to the entire 6 week training program. 

                                                                                                                           (Spoiler Alert:  There WILL be homework ;) )


I saw your donation page and was just wondering what the donations are used for.

Great question!  We rely on donations for operational expenses, purchasing materials needed for our VA training program, parents' training program, advertising costs, program expenses, and program expansions.  It's because of the generous donations of our supporters that we're able to offer our resource and advocacy services to public school families at no cost.  Be sure to visit our Donate page to check out all of the ways that people can help support our mission.


Our special education system is a mess!  Does your organization do any lobbying to get our lawmakers to make the changes our kids desperately need?

The short answer to that question is "no".  As a tax-exempt nonprofit, we are not allowed to focus on lobbying- which is okay!  There are plenty of organizations who are working hard to do just that! 


We are dedicated to keeping our focus on our Mission and our Vision... educate to advocate, and provide the much needed support, resources and advocacy that our parents/caregivers need to help their special needs child receive the education they deserve.

My child just received a diagnosis of ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder.  His pediatrician believes that he would qualify for an IEP.  Are your services really FREE?

As long as your child is enrolled in a public school system, we offer our services to you during the entire IEP process absolutely FREE OF CHARGE!  

Unfortunately, educational facilities outside of the public school system are not required by law to offer IEPs to special needs students.  In those instances, should an IEP/ISP be necessary for your child, we do charge an hourly fee. 

Whether your child attends a public or non-public facility, our goal remains the same... to advocate for your child to receive the individualized services and accommodations they may need to help them in achieving a successful, inclusive, safe, and supported educational experience.

IEPs & 504s

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