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Lil' Hoosiers Adventure Program

New program session now forming. Click Enroll Now to reserve a seat.

Classes begin 10/7/23- final dates will be provided once a minimum of 4 students have registered.

  • Hourly Rate Applies

12 spots left

Program Description

This program is designed for students who are currently enrolled outside of a public school setting to assist in the development of skills necessary to effectively interact with others. This interactive program aligns with state standards to introduce skills in the areas of fine motor, socialization, peer interaction, personal safety, transitioning, effective communication, boundaries, and more. The program assists in building a foundation for parents and caregivers to expand upon while the student is in the home, school, or community setting. This is not a drop-off program... parents/caregivers will be required to physically be in attendance with their student for the entirety of each program session. Each session will be held at various locations throughout Lake, Porter and LaPorte Counties. Students will meet once a week for 2-hours at a designated location for a total of 12 weeks. The program consists of several activities for the student to practice real-time socialization, transition, and critical thinking skills in a variety of settings. REQUIREMENTS: 1) Students must be at least 5 years of age AND enrolled in a non-public school setting; 2) Students must commit to attending the entire 12-week program; 3) Students MUST have reliable transportation to and from activity sites. IEP-Hope, Inc. does NOT provide transportation. 4) Parents/Caregivers must remain in attendance for each entire session. FEES: Fees charged at an hourly rate per student for each session attended, with monthly invoices submitted to parents for payment. Program sessions will be scheduled when a MINIMUM of 6 students are enrolled. Enrollment will remain open for 2 weeks after program is scheduled or until a MAXIMUM of 12 students are enrolled. The scheduled dates and times posted on this page are subject to change when program logistics are finalized. The safety and well-being of students who register for this program is our number one priority. For this reason, activity locations will not be publicized. Fill out the form to reserve your student's seat for the next series of sessions. For more details about the program, application process, and fees, please contact IEP-Hope, Inc. At this time, enrollment is limited to students who have reliable weekly transportation to and from Lake, Newton, Porter, Starke, and LaPorte Counties in Indiana. Our training locations will be expanded to include sessions in other counties in the near future.

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